Novak Djokovic: Early Life, Major Achievements, Playing Style, And Controversies

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Discover the life and career of Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players of all time. From his early childhood to his major achievements, playing style, and controversies, we cover it all. Plus, learn about his personal life and charity work.

Early Life and Career of Novak Djokovic

Childhood and Family Background

Novak Djokovic was born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (now Serbia). His parents, Srdjan and Dijana, were both professional skiers, but they decided to introduce their son to at an early age. Djokovic grew up in a sports-loving family, with two younger brothers who also played tennis.

Early Tennis Training and Success

Djokovic started playing when he was four years old and quickly showed a natural talent for the sport. He was coached by his father, who taught him the basics of the game and helped him hone his skills. Djokovic began to compete in tournaments when he was six years old, and by the age of eight, he was already winning regional competitions.

Djokovic’s breakthrough came when he was 14 years old and won the European championships in singles, doubles, and team competition. He also won a bronze medal at the World Junior Championships in 2004.

Rise to Professional Tennis

Djokovic turned professional in 2003, at the age of 16, and started playing on the ATP Tour. He struggled in his early years, but his breakthrough came in 2007 when he won his first ATP title at the Dutch Open. In 2008, Djokovic won his first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open, defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the final.

Djokovic continued to rise through the ranks, winning his second Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in 2011. He also won the Wimbledon and US Open titles that same year, becoming the first player since Rod Laver in 1969 to win three Grand Slam titles in a calendar year.

Novak Djokovic’s Major Titles and Achievements

When it comes to , Novak Djokovic is a name that needs no introduction. With his incredible talent and unparalleled dedication, he has won numerous titles and accolades over the years. Let’s take a closer look at some of his most significant achievements.

Grand Slam Titles

Djokovic has won a staggering 20 Grand Slam titles in his career, putting him in a three-way tie with Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for the most Grand Slam titles ever won by a male tennis player. His Grand Slam titles include nine Australian Open titles, two French Open titles, six Wimbledon titles, and three US Open titles. His dominance on the court is evident from his consistent performance at the Grand Slams, making him one of the greatest players in tennis history.

ATP World Tour Finals Titles

In addition to his Grand Slam titles, Djokovic has also won five ATP World Tour Finals titles. The ATP World Tour Finals is an annual event that brings together the top eight male players in the world to compete for the title. Djokovic has won the event five times, which is the joint record along with Roger Federer. His victories at the ATP World Tour Finals demonstrate his ability to perform well consistently over a long period.

Olympic Medals

Djokovic has also represented his country, Serbia, in the Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the singles event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and a bronze medal in the doubles event at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Although he has not won a gold medal yet, his Olympic achievements show his commitment to representing his country at the highest level.

Novak Djokovic’s major titles and achievements are a testament to his hard work, dedication, and talent. He has cemented his place as one of the greatest players in tennis history, and his journey is far from over. As he continues to compete at the highest level, we can only expect more greatness from him in the future.

Novak Djokovic’s Playing Style

Novak Djokovic is known for his exceptional , which has led to his numerous successes in the world of tennis. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key elements that make up his unique style.

Two-Handed Backhand

One of the most notable aspects of Djokovic’s playing style is his two-handed backhand. This shot is a crucial component of his game, and he has mastered it to the point where it is considered one of the best in the world. His backhand allows him to hit with power and precision, and he is able to change the direction of the ball effortlessly, giving his opponents very little time to react.

Return of Serve

Another key strength of Djokovic’s game is his return of serve. He has an uncanny ability to anticipate where his opponent’s serve will go, and he is able to get to the ball quickly and return it with accuracy and power. This puts immense pressure on his opponents, as they are often forced to play defensively from the outset of the point.

Physical Fitness

In addition to his technical skills, Djokovic’s physical fitness is another crucial factor in his success on the court. He is known for his incredible endurance, which allows him to play long matches without showing any signs of fatigue. He also has exceptional speed and agility, which enable him to move around the court with ease and retrieve even the most difficult shots.

Overall, Novak Djokovic’s is a combination of technical skill, physical fitness, and mental toughness. His ability to execute his shots with precision and power, combined with his exceptional movement and endurance, make him one of the most formidable players in the world of tennis.

Novak Djokovic’s Personal Life and Charity Work

Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players of all time, is not only a champion on the court but also off the court. He has a that is just as impressive as his professional career, and he uses his success to make a positive impact on the world.

Marriage and Family

Djokovic is a devoted husband and father. He married his high school sweetheart, Jelena Ristic, in 2014, and they have two children together. Djokovic often shares photos and videos of his family on social media, showing his followers how much he loves spending time with them.

Novak Djokovic Foundation

Djokovic is also a philanthropist who uses his fame and fortune to give back to the community. He founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation in 2007 with the goal of improving the lives of children in Serbia. The foundation focuses on early childhood education and development, providing access to quality preschool programs for underprivileged children.

The foundation has helped over 33,000 children in Serbia, and Djokovic has plans to expand its reach to other countries in the future. He believes that education is the key to a better future, and he wants to give every child the opportunity to succeed.

Humanitarian Efforts

In addition to his foundation, Djokovic is also involved in various humanitarian efforts around the world. He has donated millions of dollars to help with relief efforts after natural disasters, such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti and the 2014 floods in Serbia.

Djokovic also supports various charities that focus on health, education, and social issues. He is a UNICEF ambassador and has worked with the organization to help children in need around the world.


Novak Djokovic may be a fierce competitor on the tennis court, but he is also a compassionate and generous person off the court. His and charity work show that he is not just a great athlete but also a great human being. By using his success to make a positive impact on the world, he has inspired many people to do the same.

Controversies and Challenges Faced by Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic is undoubtedly one of the greatest players of all time, but his career has not been without its controversies and challenges. In this section, we will take a closer look at some of the most significant issues that have faced Djokovic throughout his career.

Disqualification from US Open 2020

One of the most high-profile controversies that Djokovic has faced came at the US Open in 2020. During his fourth-round match against Pablo Carreno Busta, Djokovic accidentally hit a ball that struck a lineswoman in the throat. The incident resulted in Djokovic’s disqualification from the tournament, ending his chances of winning an 18th Grand Slam title.

The incident was widely discussed and debated, with some fans and commentators arguing that Djokovic should have been given a pass due to the accidental nature of the incident. However, others pointed out that players are responsible for their actions on the court and that Djokovic’s disqualification was the correct decision.

Anti-Vaccination Stance

Another controversy that Djokovic has been involved in is his anti-vaccination stance. Djokovic has expressed skepticism over vaccines in the past, leading to criticism from some fans and fellow players.

In 2020, Djokovic came under fire for organizing a charity tournament during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several players who participated in the event, including Djokovic himself, later tested positive for the virus. The incident led to widespread criticism of Djokovic’s anti-vaccination stance and his decision to hold the tournament in the first place.

Criticisms from Other Tennis Players

Djokovic has also faced criticism from other tennis players over the years. Some have accused him of being too focused on himself and his own success, while others have questioned his sportsmanship and behavior on the court.

One of the most high-profile examples of this came in 2019, when Djokovic was accused of unsportsmanlike conduct during his match against Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final. Djokovic was criticized for taking too long to serve and for repeatedly bouncing the ball before serving, leading to boos from the crowd.

Overall, while Djokovic has undoubtedly achieved incredible success on the tennis court, his career has not been without its controversies and challenges. Whether it’s his disqualification from the US Open, his anti-vaccination stance, or criticisms from other players, Djokovic has faced his fair share of setbacks and obstacles. However, despite these challenges, he has continued to dominate the sport and cement his place as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

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