What To Wear For Tennis: A Guide To Proper Attire

By Patrick

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Get the most out of your tennis game with proper attire. From comfortable clothing to protective accessories, this guide covers everything you need to know about what to wear for tennis, including dress codes for tournaments and where to purchase tennis gear.

Importance of Proper Tennis Attire

As with any sport, proper attire is crucial for optimal performance and comfort. Tennis is no exception. Wearing the right clothing and footwear not only ensures that you look the part, but it also helps you move more freely and protects you from injury. Let’s take a closer look at the different components of proper tennis attire.

Comfortable Clothing

When it comes to tennis clothing, comfort should be your top priority. You want to choose clothing that allows for a full range of motion and doesn’t restrict your movement in any way. Opt for lightweight and breathable materials that wick away sweat and keep you cool during long matches. Tennis shirts that feature mesh panels or ventilation holes are great options for staying comfortable in hot weather.

Proper Footwear

Tennis is a sport that involves a lot of lateral movements, so it’s essential to wear proper footwear that provides the necessary support and stability. Tennis shoes are designed with this in mind and typically feature a sturdy sole and reinforced toe box. Look for shoes with a non-marking sole to protect the tennis court and ensure good traction. Additionally, make sure that your shoes fit well and are comfortable for extended periods of wear.

Protective Accessories

In addition to comfortable clothing and proper footwear, protective accessories can help prevent injury and keep you safe on the court. Tennis hats or visors protect your face and eyes from the sun, while sunglasses help reduce glare and improve visibility. Tennis elbow braces and wristbands provide support and help prevent overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow. Compression shorts can also help reduce muscle fatigue and soreness during long matches.

Clothing for Tennis

When it comes to tennis, proper attire is a must. Not only does it help you perform better on the court, but it also shows respect for the game and your opponents. Let’s take a look at the different types of clothing you should consider for your next match.

Tennis Shirts

Tennis shirts are designed to be lightweight and breathable, allowing you to move freely and stay cool during the match. Look for shirts made from moisture-wicking material, which will help to keep sweat away from your body. Some popular brands include Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour.

Tennis Shorts/Skirts

Tennis shorts and skirts are typically made from stretchy material, allowing you to move quickly and easily on the court. Look for shorts with an elastic waistband and pockets for storing balls. Skirts should be of a suitable length to comply with dress codes and not interfere with play.

Tennis Dresses

Tennis dresses are a popular choice for female players, as they offer a more feminine look while still providing comfort and support. Look for dresses made from moisture-wicking material with built-in shorts or compression shorts for added coverage.

Tennis Jackets/Sweaters

In cooler weather, tennis jackets and sweaters can help keep you warm on the court. Look for jackets made from lightweight and breathable material, with added insulation for warmth. Sweaters can be a stylish option, but make sure they do not restrict movement or become a distraction during play.

When choosing clothing for tennis, it is important to consider the fit, material, and style. Clothing that is too tight or too loose can affect your performance, while clothing made from the wrong material can make you feel uncomfortable and sweaty. Keep in mind any dress codes for your particular tournament or club and choose appropriate attire accordingly. With the right clothing, you can look and feel your best on the court.

Footwear for Tennis

When it comes to playing tennis, having the right footwear is essential. Tennis shoes are specially designed to provide the necessary support and traction needed for the quick and lateral movements required on the court. Additionally, wearing socks that provide comfort and stability can make all the difference in your game.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are designed with specific features to enhance performance on the court. They offer lateral support to prevent ankle injuries and have a durable sole that provides excellent traction on the court surface. Tennis shoes also have a reinforced toe area to withstand the constant stopping and starting that occurs during a match.

When choosing , it’s important to consider your foot type and playing style. If you have a wider foot, look for shoes with a wider toe box. If you have a more aggressive playing style, opt for shoes with a more durable sole that can withstand frequent stops and starts.


Socks may seem like a small detail, but they can make a big difference in your game. Tennis-specific socks are designed to provide cushioning and support where you need it most. They also wick away moisture to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.

When choosing tennis socks, look for ones that fit snugly without being too tight. Avoid socks that are too thick, as they can cause your feet to overheat. It’s also a good idea to bring an extra pair of socks to your matches in case your feet get sweaty or wet.

In summary, having the proper footwear and socks is crucial for playing tennis at your best. Look for that provide lateral support and traction, and choose socks that offer comfort and stability. By investing in the right gear, you can improve your game and prevent injuries on the court.

Protective Accessories for Tennis

When it comes to tennis, wearing proper protective accessories can make all the difference in preventing injuries and enhancing your performance. Here are some must-have protective accessories for any tennis player:

Tennis Hat/Visor

Playing tennis under the scorching sun can be challenging, especially if you’re not wearing a hat or visor to protect your head and eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. A tennis hat or visor serves a dual purpose – it keeps you cool by blocking the sun’s glare and protects your eyes from getting blinded by the sun’s rays.


Sunglasses are another essential accessory for any tennis player. They not only protect your eyes from the sun’s glare but also enhance your vision on the court. Wearing sunglasses can help you track the ball better, especially on bright sunny days. Choose sunglasses with polarized lenses that reduce glare and enhance contrast.

Tennis Elbow Brace

Tennis elbow is a common injury that occurs due to repetitive stress on the elbow joint. Wearing a tennis elbow brace can help prevent this injury by providing support and reducing the strain on the elbow joint. It also helps alleviate pain and discomfort caused by tennis elbow.

Tennis Wristband

A tennis wristband is an excellent accessory for any tennis player as it serves a dual purpose – it keeps sweat away from your hands while providing support to your wrist. Sweaty hands can make it difficult to grip the racket properly, affecting your performance on the court. Wearing a wristband can help keep your hands dry, allowing you to maintain a firm grip on the racket.

Tennis Compression Shorts

Tennis compression shorts are designed to provide support, reduce muscle fatigue, and enhance your performance on the court. They help improve blood circulation, reducing the risk of injuries and cramps. Compression shorts come in different lengths and styles, so choose one that fits you comfortably and provides adequate support.

Considerations for Different Weather Conditions

When it comes to playing tennis, the weather can have a significant impact on your game. It’s essential to prepare for various weather conditions to ensure you can perform at your best. Let’s take a closer look at some considerations for different weather conditions.

Hot Weather

Playing tennis in hot weather can be challenging. It’s important to wear clothing that is lightweight and breathable to help you stay cool. Choose fabrics that wick away moisture to prevent sweat from weighing you down. A hat or visor can also help protect your face from the sun’s rays.

Staying hydrated is crucial when playing tennis in hot weather. Bring a water bottle with you and take regular breaks to drink water. You can also consider bringing a sports drink to replenish electrolytes lost through sweating.

Cold Weather

Playing tennis in cold weather requires a different approach. It’s important to wear layers to help regulate your body temperature. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add a warm mid-layer, and finish with a wind-resistant outer layer. You can also wear gloves and a hat to help keep your extremities warm.

It’s important to warm up thoroughly before playing tennis in cold weather. This will help prevent injuries and ensure you’re ready to perform at your best. You can also consider bringing a thermos of hot tea or coffee to help keep you warm throughout the match.

Rainy Weather

Playing tennis in the rain can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Wear clothing that is waterproof to help keep you dry. A rain jacket or poncho can also help protect your equipment from getting wet.

It’s important to be aware of the court conditions when playing tennis in the rain. The court can become slippery, making it more difficult to play. Adjust your footwork accordingly and consider using a grip-enhancing product on your shoes to help prevent slipping.

Windy Weather

Playing tennis in windy weather can be frustrating, but it’s important to stay focused. Wear clothing that is form-fitting to help reduce wind resistance. You can also consider wearing a hat or visor to help keep your hair and equipment out of your face.

It’s important to adjust your strategy when playing tennis in windy weather. Keep your shots low and use more topspin to help keep the ball in play. Also, be aware of the wind’s direction and adjust your serve and return accordingly.

Dress Codes for Tennis Tournaments

When it comes to tennis tournaments, dress codes are an important consideration. Whether you’re a professional player or just playing in a recreational tournament, it’s important to dress appropriately. In this section, we’ll discuss the dress codes for different types of tennis tournaments.

Professional Tournaments

Professional tennis tournaments have strict dress codes that all players must adhere to. Men are required to wear collared shirts and either shorts or pants. Women are required to wear tennis skirts or dresses and a top that has either sleeves or a collar. Both men and women are required to wear that are specifically designed for the sport.

Players are also not allowed to wear any clothing that has logos or branding that is not approved by the tournament. This includes shoes, hats, shirts, and other accessories. The clothing must also be clean and in good condition. Failure to comply with the dress code can result in disqualification from the tournament.

Club Tournaments

Club tournaments may have a more relaxed dress code than professional tournaments, but it’s still important to dress appropriately. Men are typically required to wear collared shirts and either shorts or pants. Women are usually required to wear tennis skirts or dresses and a top that has either sleeves or a collar.

Tennis shoes are also required, and players may be required to wear socks that match their shoes. It’s important to check with the club hosting the tournament to see if there are any specific dress code requirements.

Recreational Tournaments

Recreational tournaments may have the most relaxed dress code of all. However, it’s still important to dress in a way that is appropriate for the sport. Men can wear collared shirts and either shorts or pants, while women can wear tennis skirts or dresses and a top that has either sleeves or a collar.

Tennis shoes are also required, and players may be required to wear socks that match their shoes. It’s important to check with the tournament organizers to see if there are any specific dress code requirements.

Where to Purchase Tennis Attire

When it comes to purchasing , there are several options available to you. Whether you prefer shopping in physical stores or online, there are many options to choose from. Let’s take a look at the different places you can purchase .

Sporting Goods Stores

Sporting goods stores are a great place to start when looking for . These stores typically carry a wide range of tennis clothing, shoes, and accessories. They often have knowledgeable staff who can help you find the perfect outfit for your needs. Some popular sporting goods stores that carry include Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sports Authority, and Academy Sports + Outdoors.

Online Retailers

If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own home, online retailers are a great option. There are many online retailers that specialize in , such as Tennis Express and Tennis Warehouse. These retailers often have a wider selection of tennis clothing, shoes, and accessories than physical stores. They also offer the convenience of shopping from anywhere and having your purchases delivered right to your doorstep.

Tennis Specialty Stores

For those who are serious about their tennis game, tennis specialty stores are a great option. These stores specialize in tennis equipment and attire, and often have a wider selection of high-end tennis clothing, shoes, and accessories. They also have staff who are knowledgeable about the sport and can help you find the perfect outfit for your needs. Some popular tennis specialty stores include Tennis Plaza and Tennis Only.

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